Gender & Fieldwork



MENARG and CRG kindly invite you to the following lectures, which are part of a series of research seminars on “Methods and Ethics in Fieldwork”. During these seminars national and international guests will be sharing their ‘story behind the findings’ with researchers from different departments, to have a profound reflection on methodological and ethical questions in performing empirical research.

This seminar looks at the ways in which gender intersects with fieldwork methods. A fieldworker’s sex and gender (besides his/her class, age, ethnicity...) impact on his/her adjustment to the field setting, on information gathering and on the interpretation and analysis of the data. A researcher’s positionality colour not just matters like research access and topic selection, but also the researcher’s interpretation of events. Often forgotten and rendered invisible in androcentric knowledge production is that men enter field settings with selves that are as equally gendered by culture and society, as are women’s. Through a discussion of several statements about the gendered epistemology of fieldwork, this seminar will serve as a space where stories, experiences and thoughts with regard to gender & fieldwork can be shared.

Topics that will be discussed and reflected upon include: - Social interactions between researchers and respondents - Access to the field - Sexual harassment during fieldwork - Gender-sensitive field research

Loes Debuysere (°1989) studied Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at the KULeuven and the University of London (SOAS) and obtained an advanced master in Conflict and Development studies at the University of Gent. She currently is a PhD student at the Middle East and North Africa Research Group of the University of Ghent and her research focuses on gender politics in post-uprising Tunisia.