How does your sex determine your career at UGent? A feminist viewpoint on contemporary Academia



MENARG and CRG kindly invite you to the following lectures, which are part of a series of research seminars on “Methods and Ethics in Fieldwork”. During these seminars national and international guests will be sharing their ‘story behind the findings’ with researchers from different departments, to have a profound reflection on methodological and ethical questions in performing empirical research.

When looking at the gender statistics from Ghent University, it is hard not to see the perpetuating imbalances. Gender discrepancies exist both among researchers and students, and they take shape both horizontally and vertically. During this seminar we will discuss why and how such imbalances continue to persist from a feminist perspective. We will not only look into the selection- and recruitment procedures at Ghent University, but also critically assess the research criteria in contemporary Academia.

Tine Brouckaert is Gender Policy Advisor at UGent’s Policy Unit Diversity and Gender. She obtained her PhD in Comparative Sciences of Culture at Ghent University and Saint-Etienne University in 2013. Her research interests are: gender, migration & ethnicity; mothering and reproduction; citizenship & integration policy and academic international mobility of highly skilled migrant women. Tine was also involved in a theatre project titled “Be Home Before Dark” with undocumented migrant women.