Feminist perspectives on labour

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For over a century, feminist and other scholars have been discussing how labour is a crucial site where gender relations are performed, enforced and consolidated. Gender divisions play an important role, for instance, in attributing levels of “productivity” to certain types of work, the most cited example being the gendered difference between “productive” waged work versus “reproductive” housework. Gender relations also prescribe how we, as workers, are supposed to act and behave on the workfloor. In this seminar we will discuss how gender is put to work throughout the different modes of capitalist production, from Fordist-Keynesian to more contemporary neoliberal modes of production. We will also look at feminist perspectives on post-work imaginaries.

Prof. Dr. Silvia Federici (emerita), Hofstra University, New York (To Be Confirmed)

This workshop is part of the doctoral training "Conceptualizations and meanings of labour: classical and contemporary perspectives". For more information pleas follow the registration link.