The governance of the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan



"Crossing Borders" Lecture Series

Lecture By Dr. Katharina Lenner, Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence

What does the response to the Syrian refugee crisis in the neighbouring states look like, and why? Who responds? How are the numbers and needs of Syrian refugees assessed, decisions taken, and policies designed? What are priorities, catchwords and red lines? This lecture uses the case of Jordan to answer some of these questions. It focuses in particular on the significance of policy legacies and policy memories for shaping perceptions of Syrian refugees and practices of managing them. It assumes that past experiences with Palestinian and Iraqi refugees seeking refuge in Jordan have shaped the refugee response as much as the policy blueprints and professional experiences of international and national humanitarian and development actors present in Jordan, as well as other actors, including refugees themselves. The lecture sheds light on this confluence by analyzing a number of salient aspects of the refugee response.