Lecture Series “Contemporary Political Islam"

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During this lecture series national and international guests will be sharing their insights on contemporary forms of political Islam and the many forms of Islamist activism in Europe and the Arab world in an interdisciplinary manner.

Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. An experienced and lived ideology
Brigitte Maréchal (CISMOC - UCL) + Iman Lechkar (IMMRC KULeuven)
27/10/2016 - 20:00 @ Filmplateau  [+INFO]

Salafism’ in The Netherlands - Accommodation, Da`wa and Struggle
Martijn de Koning (Rabout Universiteit Nijwegen) + Nadia Fadil (IMMRC - KULeuven
10/11/2016- 20:00 @ Filmplateau   [+INFO]

Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia - Controlling Global Jihadism?
Paul Aarts (Universiteit Amsterdam) + Fabio Merone (Menarg, UGent)
01/12/2016- 20:00 @ Filmplateau   [+INFO]

‘Islamism’ & Islamist alterity – Understanding political Islam
Francois Burgat (Iremam - CRNS) + Sami Zemni (Menarg, UGent)
15/12/2016- 20:00 @ Filmplateau   [+INFO]

The public lectures will take place in Film Plateau, Paddenhoek 3 , 9000 Gent. The lectures start at 20:00 and finish around 21:45 and are free of charges. No registration is required. For more information or to be kept updated for upcoming events, please contact menarg@ugent.be

The lecture series on “Contemporary Political Islam” is organized by the Middle East and North Africa Research group (MENARG) of the University of Ghent in collaboration with Victoria Deluxe, Motief vzw and MO* magazine. With the support of the Baillet Latour Fund