21st century universities: exploring alternative futures



The public debate '21st century universities: exploring alternative futures' takes place On Friday 19 February 2016 at the Aula Academica.

The academic world has undergone significant changes over the past fifteen years.Research and education are getting more important, and higher education is evolving in a globalized world. Universities seem to become true multinationals, led by managers and guided by quantitative objectives. Especially young researchers seem to bear the brunt of this.

On 19 February 2016 there will be a public debate on the future of universities, 
in the Aula Academica of Ghent UniversityThis debate is also the culmination of a two-day workshop of the Doctoral Schools.

How should universities evolve in the future? How do we measure scientific research, education and community service in terms of budget, evaluation, career opportunities, workload ...? These and other questions are asked during the debate. The panel of the evening:

  • Liliane Schoofs, vice-rector KU Leuven
  • Koen Goethals, chief academic administrator Ghent University
  • Rossette S'jeghers, Secretary General VLIR
  • Julie Anderson, EU policy adviser 'general culture and education'
  • Anton Froeyman, Ghent University - Action Task Force on Higher Education
  • Tim Joosen, Ghent University - ACOD
  • Inge van der Weijden, Leiden University
  • Yannis Tzaninis, Rethink UvA
  • Sarah Bracke, Ghent University - VUB

Jan-Frederik Abbeloos (De Standaard) will be moderator.