Omar Barghouti on the Academic Boycott of Israel



Inspired by the success of boycott against the South African apartheid regime, the BDS Call was issued by representatives of Palestinian civil society on July 9th  2005. Its goal is achieving basic Palestinian rights under international law. BDS calls for an end to Israel’s 1967 occupation of Palestinian lands, including East Jerusalem; an end Israel’s system of institutional, legal and societal discrimination against its Palestinian citizens, which meets the UN definition of apartheid, and an end to its denial of the Palestinian refugees’ UN-stipulated right to return to their homes of origin from which they were forcible displaced in 1948 and kept from returning to ever since.

Mr. Barghouti will be presenting on the international BDS campaign and will focus particularly on academia's role in the struggle for freedom and justice in Palestine. In Belgium over 450 academics have signed the academic boycott. With this meeting we want to stimluate a critical discussion about the academic boycott and our position as academics and students in relation to the situation in  Palestine.

This lunch lecture will take place in the Faculty Meeting Room of the UGent Law Faculty (Facultaire Raadzaal), Voldersstraat 3 in Gent. We start at 12:00. Coffee and sandwiches will be provided.