Before and after Marx: The centrality of work

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The course begins with a close look at Karl Marx’s contribution to the studies of labour. The Marxian perspective posits work as a foundational category of human activity and elaborates on the social, historical and political conditions of the rise of wage labour in the capitalist economy. In the first meeting of our course we will discuss a selection from Marx’ earlier and later writings, and will explore his encounters with the German Philosophical Idealism and the Anglo-Saxon Classical Political Economy. The discussion will be focused on examining how ‘labour’ and ‘work’ are conceptualized in these works, highlighting Marx’ theoretical innovations and shortcomings. This first meeting will also focus on the recent theoretical developments and usages of the Marxian approach to labour/work. 

Prof. Dr. Stephen Bouquin, Department of Sociology, University of Évry-Val-d'Essonne, Évry

Dr. Brecht De Smet, Conflict and Development studies, Ghent University 

This course is part of the doctoral training "Conceptualizations and meanings of labour: classical and contemporary perspectives". For more information pleas follow the registration link.