MENARG condemns Israeli army raid on Birzeit University campus

Link: Israeli army storms Birzeit University campus


The Middle East & North Africa Research Group (MENARG) of Ghent University strongly condemns the Israeli army's raid of Birzeit University | جامعة بيرزيت campus in the morning of Thursday 19 June. This action on campus grounds is a clear form of collective punishment that affects Palestinian students and academic personnel alike. The MENARG categorically rejects this show of force and intimidation, and calls on Israel to respect the Palestinians’ fundamental right to education and academic freedom.

This raid needs to be understood in the context of continuous Israeli harassment that aims to undermine the Palestinian educational system. 
Many Palestinian students have been held in administrative detention for months without charges. Others are regularly denied physical access to educational institutions by checkpoints and the apartheid wall. Students from Gaza are unable to study in the West Bank or abroad. And prominent international academics have been denied access to lecture in Palestine. Such actions undermine not just the individual advancement of students and academics, but the development of the Palestinian society as a whole.

The MENARG supports and stands with Birzeit University against these acts of intimidation and the Israeli occupation that continues to deny Palestinians their right to education.